One is Silver the Other Gold

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Forgotten Toy

A small boy walks down a busy sidewalk hand in hand with his mother. Peering up he spoted a toy truck through the looking glass of the corner toy store. Smiling, he wriggles out of his mother’s soft hand and runs inside. When he finds the toy his smile widens to an ear to ear grin. The graying store owner notices the boy’s facination with the small item and approaches. Looking up at the stranger the child says, “I want this one, sir.” The elder’s beard in the spot where one would assume to find the corner of a smile twitches as he assesses the small man before him. Slowly stroking his long beard the man agrees saying, “You may have the toy if you so choose, but you must obey this rule, always treat this toy like the gift it is.” Agreeing eagerly, the boy took his new toy and returned home with his mother.

So excited to have this new plaything the boy followed the old man’s rule happily. Whenever the new toy was dirty he would clean it, when it was time to do something else he would put his cherry red car in it’s special spot by his bed. Many hours were spent where joyful laughter could be heard coming from the child’s play room. Sadly, one day the child grew board of his once so admired gift and forgot it outside. That night the rain fell heavily and the truck’s red paint was all but covered with brown mud. Alone, the toy sat in the yard for many days. When hanging laundry to dry, the mother with once soft hands found the dismissed and unloved toy. Picking it up, she recalled the day the boy had received the toy from the weary old man and the one rule he had set forth. Looking at the peeling and fading paint with dirt clinging to it she sighed. The boy had forgotten.
Walking inside the wise woman took the toy and cleaned it, patched the broken spots, and gave it a new coat of cherry red paint. After she had restored the car to its former glory, the wise woman called for her son to come. Bounding down the stairs leading to his playroom the boy, a little taller now, appeared in the doorway. Eyes landing on the forgotten toy laying on the table the child exclaimed, “My toy! You found it mother.” As he reached to retrieve the previously forgotten item, the woman snatched it from his reach. “No.” She said sternly “You no longer have the right to this gift.” Confused the boy looked up, the word why written in his frown. “Do you remember the one rule you were given when the graying man gave you this truck?” “No, mother.” The little man replied, confusion lighting his eyes. Sadness blooming in the corners of her eyes, the mother looked down at her son deciding what was to be done. If not learned now she feared this lesson would be lost. Walking to the harth, she placed the car next to a portrait featuring a younger, smiling family. Turning about, she spoke slowly, “When you can remember and follow the rule you agreed to so long ago, then you may claim what was once yours. Untill then, this gift is no longer yours to treasure, it belongs to the memory of that wise old man.” Saddened, the boy turned his back on the cherry red truck and walked away.

Now put yourself in this story, you are the child. The old man and wise woman represent God and the toy is the things or people we are blessed with. In life we are given many blessings and are only asked to do one thing in return, treat them like the gifts they are. Life can be complicated and busy and we forget about things or don’t realize their value untill it is too late.

When it comes to relationships with others, it can be easy to forget just how precious of a gift another soul in our lives is. We become complacent and forget to treat them like we just met or forget to stay in touch after life takes us down different roads. I have been on both sides of this pendilum. To be the one forgotten truly hurts and can cause self doubt while to forget someone and realize it too late causes a since of regret and questions of what if.

Let us as the saying goes:
Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.

And while we do this let us remember to treat all people and relationships as the gift that they are.

Day Two

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I forgot to mention to you all yesterday, that these posts are going to be in a new category called: Life’s Tidbits. This category will discuss life’s little adventures that we find ourselves in.

For today’s workout I decided to go a bit easier on myself and focus more on my core muscles. The activities I chose to do today were: crunches, situps and squats. I have always done well with these things, but it has been a while. So, today was an assignment of where I am at. When I did my crunches I wanted to see if I could still reach my personal best of 400 in a row without breaks. Once I hit 50 I really began to feel the burn. Pushing through, I was able to actually exceed that old record by a hundred! After I stretched out my stomach a bit I did 20 situps (that was as many as I could handle after all the crunches). Situps were included in my workout because they exercise more of the muscles in your core than crunches. After all that I decided to do 50 squats with no added weight. Thankfully I haven’t lost all of the leg muscles I built up in highschool, and I am looking forward to doing squats with added weight in the near future.

Short but that was today. Hope ya’ll having a good day and are feeling inspired to keep on.

New Year’s Resolution…a Little Late

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How many times have you made a New year’s resolution saying to yourself, “All right, I’ll do it this year” ? Well, for me, that was a habit I was beginning to form. Every year I would tell myself that I would exercise more or get in shape and yet I still didn’t. When driving to work this morning I heard a song on my bridge radio (95.1fm, Lincoln or 92.7fm, Omaha) that talked about living like today could be my last day. And that song inspired me to start living like today isn’t just another day. So, from now on I am going to do my best to follow through with my promises both to myself and to others. So here’s to day one.

so, today was the first day of my new effort to work out after work on a regular basis. I mean why not? I don’t hate working out and it’s good for me. Also I have a free gym as a part of my apartment (well, not really free but that’s besides the point). I have been wanting to work out on a regular basis ever since I graduated from high school, but ‘never really had the time’ (I was being lazy). even though I didn’t work out very long or push myself very hard, it felt good.

For today, I started out with just two of the many machines the gym has to offer: the incline and the rower. Both machines are great and present unique challenges. I started with the incline so that I could warm up while doing part of my workout. (On a personal note I probably should have stretched before jumping into my workout…woops) I definitely prefer the incline over a treadmill because it feels more like going on a run outside to me (Considering the specific workout I did varies between hill angles and speeds throughout the workout). I completed a 30 minute workout on the first level (which was definitely enough for just starting out for me).

The second machine I used was the rower and that thing is awesome! I was able to work out several muscle groups at the same time. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength so this was a great way to start working out those muscles. I really liked how this unit also had a water feature. Every time you would do a row this feature would make it sound almost as if you were actually rowing a boat on a lake. That was definitely a good choice for me since I like anything that makes my workout seem like less of a chore. After that I did some various stretches and walked around a bit to cool down.

Anyways that’s all for today’s workout. 😛

What are some resolutions or promises you have been inspired to uphold with more diligence?

It Is Well

My post today is a bit late. A lot has been happening this week that has been emotionally weighty to me. I didn’t honestly know what to post.

Things are working out, however, and I think I will be better for them.

I was in a worship meeting this evening and we sang a different version of “It Is Well”. It was a version I’d heard before. I had never actually paid attention to the words.

As we sang the final stanza, I really thought about the words–the true meaning behind them, why we were singing them. What those words meant to me in my life. My mind suddenly touched on a memory from last year. I remember how utterly shattered I had been, fighting for the will to keep breathing. I had been so angry and empty then. I couldn’t feel God’s presence. I felt alone.

I remember wondering if everything that happened to me then was punishment for my mere existence.

That memory hurts to look back on. My heart breaks for the girl I was then. But if she could have seen the road she would take in the next year, would she have learned the lessons I have? Would she have gained the wisdom to stop and listen before plowing ahead? Would she have gained the same peace God has given me?

I am so thankful for the people God put in my life during that time (and for the people he keeps adding long after). Their support and love despite dealing with a prickly shell of a girl kept me from sinking further. If God hadn’t placed them in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

His love and care for me brought me through emotional abuse, depression, and anxiety to become the person I am today. I am stable and whole now. I am stronger now.

And I can honestly say, it is well with my soul.

In Green Pastures

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When it comes to different styles of poetry there are quite a few. One of my favorite types of poetry to do is the Acrostic form. Acrostic poems are structured like that of an acronym, where the first letter of each line makes up a name, word, or phrase. In my poem, the first letter of each line makes up the name of the poem.

These poems are not required to rhyme, but some authors do find creative ways to make these poems a bit more of a challenge to write. (see the end of my post for an example of this) I prefer to keep things simple until I get the basics down.

In Green Pastures I am free
Never to worry about this life
Gathering flowers of many colors
Roses of red to those of white
Every color that I see
Enjoying their fragrance
Now more than ever before
Praying to God above
Among the animals and flowers
Standing in His presence
Under His care
Remembering His wonderful love
Evening has come and now I go
Singing of His love so sweet indeed

Here is the example of a more complex version for this style of poem,
as promised. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see me
try my hand at this version of the Acrostic poem.

Gently Picked Flower

Going at the Pace of a little elF,
Eventually, it Ignites the floraL,
Nectar flow, Crowned with a fragrant halO.
Tantalizing, Kisses of honey dew lay on its succulent pilloW.
Lapping the Evidence from my fingers and facE,
Yesterday's Delicious gently picked flowerR.

© Lena Marie Fuller
Published: August 2008
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Another *Sigh*

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Another Sigh

Almost silent shout for joy
My mother’s response to the lost child home, safe and asleep
A sound of a soul no longer on hold, the glimmering of relief
Receiving news that the pain is over
Floodwaters of clean starts and a new mother’s joy
Waking up warm-hearted after years of sorrow
Growing old and letting go of life’s tomorrows
A relaxing day, a cat nap in warm sunshine
Listening to a child pray
Watching God’s hands build and bless
One word, millions of reasons.
Single movement with little planning
So deep the feeling the meaning
A breath, a memory, a single second spanning

This poem is simply another side to a long story. Each tale has more than one meaning. The more people involved the more ways the same thing can be told, but in different versions. And from each individual comes a unique point of view.

When life gets me down I try to find something that is a positive side to the constant flow of negatives. The silver lining if you will. Today, as you look to face another day please remember that you are never truly alone and that things can always get better.


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Outward expression, inward pain

The sound of air leaving your lungs, the sound a bleeding soul makes

Whooshing air, pleading soul

When your mind can’t find the words when your heart can cry no more

Your first answer heard my last spoken word

A small fragment of a larger burden, the beginning of my walls tumbling down

Waiting for you to ask ‘are you okay?’ trying to understand the why behind your sigh

Despair stabbing me in the back after whispering pleasant lies in my ear

Pending doom, receiving expected bad news

One small sound with heavy reason, pain and strife making difficult the season

This poem is an, and I quote myself, “outward expression [of] inward pain” (to an extent). Life is always full of change. While I do believe that change is always a good thing in the grandeur skeem of life, it can be painful. We are forced to give up things that we have grown accustomed to and embrace others that are strange and new. For me I am not as close (location wise) to my friends and family. Therefore, I have a lot more time on my hands. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and sadness since I am use to surrounding myself with people I care about. As I have more free time on my hands I find myself giving over to boredom as well, which is seldom productive. It takes actual effort to do the things I know I should (and yet still try to fight even as an adult) because I lack motivation even though I know it is to my own benefit.

Yes, change has and continues to happen. The only thing that never changes is the fact that everything changes. And the honest painful truth for my life right now is; while change is good it is hard. Thankfully, God has already promised to be with me through it all. It is my prayer that God uses this time of change to bring me closer to Him.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Wash your hands ye sinners and purify your heart’s ye double minded.

James 4:8

Peace be to you.